HR undergraduate and graduate programs - Twin Cities
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The following is a list of undergraduate and graduate HR programs offered in the Twin Cities area.


Graduate Program


The Augsburg MBA program offers three customizable Student Learning Experiences helping students identify their strengths, build their business skills, and apply their knowledge through real work and experience.

Bethel University

Undergraduate Program

Human Resource Management BA Degree Program

Do you want a career in HR Management? Are you already working in HR and want a degree to enhance your career possibilities? This program is for you, if you want to learn what successful companies know about attracting, hiring, retaining, and motivating employees; benefit from cutting edge techniques designed to prepare HR leaders for the future; prepare to work in HR in corporate, nonprofit, or outsourcing environments; or prepare to sit for the Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR) examination provided through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Capella University

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management
  • MBA with a specialization in Human Resource Management
  • MS in Organizational Development
  • MS in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement
  • PhD in Organization and Management with a specialization in HR Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in HR Management

The MBA Human Resource Management specialization curriculum emphasizes contemporary business and human resource management best practices. The specialization’s competency-based instruction design is focused on immediate application of knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to integrate business and human resource functions in organizations. Specialization topics include national and international HRM perspectives and practices, strategic staffing, law, culture, change, and HRM-specific technology. Through the synthesis of business and HRM best practice and theory, learners are prepared to make informed, practitioner-based decisions resulting in increased professional development, organizational growth, and enterprise sustainability. Upon successful completion of this specialization, learners have gained relevant knowledge competencies and skills enabling them to enter the HRM industry or advanced HRM-related careers. Distance learning environment.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Business, specialization in Human Resource Management
  • BS in Business, specialization in Management and Leadership

Learners in the HR Management specialization develop the human resource management, interpersonal, and professional thinking skills to manage talent, develop intellectual capital, work in networked relationships, deal with continuous change, and impact organizational effectiveness as HR leaders and managers at all levels of their organizations. Distance learning environment.


Graduate Programs

M.A. in Organizational Management

Students in the Master of Arts in Organizational Management program become proficient in both qualitative and quantitative tools to aid in decision-making, directing change, and understanding the importance of group dynamics and systems thinking within an organization. Students will achieve an understanding of group behavior and its relation to organizational effectiveness by translating what they learn into practical, hands on experience in their work and personal lives. By learning to implement ideas in practice, students apply concepts and themes from a variety of disciplines to execute effective organizational approaches. M.A. in Organization Management is available face-to-face and online.

M.A. in Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management program offers a practical study of human resource skills required by human resource practitioners. Students receive training in key areas of human resources and their application to the dynamics of today's and future organizations. The overall context centers on the human resource role as a strategic partner within organizations. As people become even more important to organizations, human resources professionals will be expected to provide a greater leadership role. . M. A. in Human Resource Management is available face-to-face and online.

Undergraduate program

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource (HR) Management major offers a practical and thorough study of human resource skills required by human resource practitioners. Students receive training in key skill areas of human resource and its application to the dynamics of today's and future organizations. The overall context of the course centers on human resources' role as a strategic partner within its organization. Human Resource Management is available face-to-face and online.

DeVry University

Graduate Program

Master of Human Resource Management

With human resources careers projected to expand by up to 20 percent through 2010**, earning a Keller Master of Human Resource Management degree can help you tap into new opportunities, handle new responsibilities and respond to new imperatives. A Master of Human Resource Management degree can help open the door to advanced career opportunities and increased salary potential in this highly competitive field.
** Source: US Department of Labor

Undergraduate Program

Business Administration Bachelors degree - Human Resource Management Major/Concentration

Virtually every industry employs human resource, training and labor relations managers and consultants to handle personnel issues, manage benefits and lead policy changes. With a human resource management concentration, you'll develop the specific business and management skills needed to build a career in a number of dynamic roles, including compensation manager, plan employee assistance or benefits manager, EEO office or affirmative action coordinator, labor relations manager, recruiter and human resources information systems specialist.

Inver Hills Community College

Human Resources Certificate Program


For more information contact: Dr Kazerooney, SPHR

Metropolitan State University

Undergraduate Program

B.S. Human Resource Management§ion=1&page_name=human_resource_management_bs.html

The human resource management (HRM) major prepares students for professional career opportunities in business, government and nonprofit organizations. Current management thought and practice emphasizes the importance of human capital in the strategic management of organizations. The HRM courses incorporate this strategic management perspective into policies and programs in functional areas of HRM including staffing, compensation, benefits, employee development, employee relations, labor relations and related areas. Many of the HRM courses are appropriate for general managers as well as HRM professionals. In addition, courses meet the needs of both degree-seeking students and those who want to continue their education for professional development purposes. This program can be completed on campus, online, or by combining on campus and online courses. Program requirements are the same, regardless of the delivery mode.

Minnesota State University, Mankato

MBA Program


Rasmussen College

Earn Your Human Resources and Organizational Leadership Degree

Employers need leaders who understand that an organization’s people are its most valued resource. Through our flexible Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees in Human Resources, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful organizational leader. In today’s changing business environment, human resources professionals need a knowledge of the broad field of HR, including: law and ethics, compensation and benefits, training and development. Plus leadership skills, including: managing organizational changes, communication, conflict management and team building. When you want to advance your education, you can seamlessly transfer your Associate’s degree credits into our Bachelor’s degree and academically prepare for the SHRM Certified Professional certification exam. Bachelor’s degree students also participate in capstone course projects or an optional internship, and take part in live interactive lectures to gain firsthand experience as an HR professional.

With Flex Choice® Learning Options, choose your blend of traditional courses and online, self-directed assessments at the Associate’s degree level. At the Bachelor’s degree level, take advantage of competency-based education (CBE), which focuses on efficiency and relevancy by combining self-paced courses, project-based assessments, and real-world scenarios.

Prepare for Your Professional Certification Exam

Our curriculum is fully aligned with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) HR Curriculum Guidebook education standards and prepares you academically for the SHRM Certified Professional certification exam—a credential highly valued by employers in the industry.

Please email Dawn Braegelman or call 612-703-0838 for more information today.




Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Graduate Program

M.A. HR Management

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Human Resource Management program are expected to be able to do the following: Understand and apply skills in the traditional areas of human resources management, including staffing, employee/labor relations, compensation, benefits, and individual/organizational development; lead a human resources department; identify, respond to, and facilitate organizational change as it relates to the organization’s mission, vision and strategies; develop interdepartmental relationships to further strategic leadership goals; enhance effective utilization of employees and organizational work-life climate; develop the skills to mediate and resolve organizational conflicts; use a variety of quantitative and qualitative research techniques; select and use technology for planning and administering human resource functions and activities; work effectively with diverse populations; communicate effectively in a variety of modes; demonstrate critical thinking skills; understand the ethical implications of their actions; and develop lifelong learning skills.

Human Resource management:

Project Management:

University of St. Thomas

Graduate Program

M.A. in Human Resource and Change Leadership

Today, human resource professionals are expected to be organizational leaders, strategic partners and change advocates. Human resource leaders need to know how to effectively manage change, innovation and conflict as well as have a strong understanding of human resource functions and management principles. St. Thomas challenges human resource professionals to fill the role of change agent, innovator and leader. Our program is designed to help you excel in organization effectiveness and grow professionally. This program will challenge you to fill the role of change agent, innovator and leader in your organization.

Undergraduate program

HR Management

Our courses focus on the common activities that human resource (HR) professionals perform in the various functions of the profession such as staffing and training. Managing workplace diversity is an integral part of the program.

University of Minnesota

Graduate Programs

M.A. – Human Resources/Industrial Relations

The Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies' master of arts in Human Resources and Industrial Relations is recognized as one of the top programs of its kind in the country. In addition to providing access to one of the nation's most comprehensive HRIR reference libraries, the program gives students from diverse backgrounds a chance to study with a world-class faculty committed to providing a dynamic learning experience, inside and outside of the classroom.

M.A. with Specialization in Human Resource Development (HRD)

The M.A. is offered under Plan B. Students in either plan complete a minimum of 34 credits of 5xxx courses, including 14 credits in the major and 6 credits in the related field. Plan B students complete a 3- to 6-credit project or paper, with remaining credits taken in either the major or related field.

Master of Education/HRD

The Master of Education (M.Ed.)/professional studies program in human resource development (HRD) focuses on training of human resources and organizational change issues. This graduate-level, practitioner-based program can be tailored to meet the needs of individual students.

Undergraduate Programs

Human Resources and Industrial Relations B.S.B.

The human resources and industrial relations (HRIR) major prepares graduates for positions involving the recruitment and/or selection of new employees, identification of training needs among new and current workers, the functional operation of compensation systems and benefits packages, and the management of employee relations programs where workers are represented by trade unions. Human resource specialists have progressed from record keepers to strategic partners in the areas of finance and marketing as organizations recognize the importance of qualified people to their success. Today businesses compete as much based on human capital as they do on physical capital.

Human Resource Development B.S.

The B.S. in human resource development prepares students for positions in training, career development, organization development, employee assistance, and workplace learning and development. Undergraduate students prepare for entry-level employment in human resource development. Typical careers in the field include instructional designer, technical trainer, training coordinator, organization development specialist, performance consultant, training facilitator, or learning and development specialist. The program core requires students to develop a baseline understanding of training and development, organization development, and adult education.

Walden University

Graduate Program

MBA with a specialization in Human Resource Management

The MBA program combines high-quality core curriculum with the Human resources specialization curriculum that is consistently updated to ensure real-world relevancy to today’s global marketplace. At Walden, you have maximum flexibility to design an MBA program that meets your needs and interests. Distance-learning environment.

Outside the Metro area


Minnesota State University, Mankato

Graduate Program

Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The goal of the program is to provide broad theoretical and technical training for individuals who will function as consultants, HR researchers, and HR generalists.

St. Cloud State University

Undergraduate Program

B.S. in Management (with a concentration in Human Resource Management)

Our program prepares students for a variety of managerial careers in virtually all segments of the economy. HR Majors are directly exposed to major HR functions and classes involve a combination of theoretical and applied principles. The global nature of management is emphasized.


A free resource -- -- that provides tons of information for current and prospective graduate students. A master’s degree is becoming more popular because of the excess in bachelor’s degree holders competing for a fixed number of jobs. They have built a directory that contains over 90,000 program listings and allows you to determine which program features are most important to you so you can identify the program that best matches your personal interests and career goals. They also created a database of over 5,000 scholarships for graduate and post-graduate study areas which interested student can pursue to help finance their education.

The website is, and for the past few years they have taken the time to conduct numerous video interviews with nationally recognized experts, regularly publish new material, and keep thier content up-to-date. Visitors might be particularly interested in the Online Human Resources Degrees page at

Benedictine University in Illinois - Online Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior -

Catholic University of America, Online Master's in Human Resource Management

For additional information review the website. serves as a guide to undergraduate and graduate level education options, salary expectations and possible career paths for current and aspiring HR professionals. was designed to make the decision-making process simpler for anybody considering their career options in HR – and looking for the right degree to get them there.


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