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HR Professionals of MN

HRP-MN helps HR Professionals develop partnerships, build relationships, increase education, and secure the right tools to help build your Company, Credibility, Career, Community, and Commitment.


The mission of Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota is to provide a forum for Human Resource professionals seeking to enhance their professional and personal development.

We will accomplish this through programs, networking, and support services that empower our members to make meaningful contributions to the complex and dynamic world of Human Resources.

Specifically we will:

  • Provide to our membership increased awareness of current trends and socio-economic issues impacting the human resources profession. This will be a primary focus of the monthly meetings of the membership, the monthly newsletter and scheduled development seminars.

  • Provide for and encourage the mutual exchange of ideas and sharing of common interests through member networking at monthly meetings and planned networking events.

  • Strive to create an environment that will promote teamwork, communications, growth potential, and provide recognition for contributions made to both business and the community.

  • Support selected charitable organizations and philanthropic projects that are consistent with the goals of the corporation. This will be done through monetary or in-kind contributions or through informing the membership of volunteer opportunities.

Statement of Professional Ethics

Members of Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota must adhere to the following standards of conduct:

  1. To uphold the mission and purpose of the organization as stated above.
  2. To respect the personal and professional dignity of other members of the organization and to act in a manner that reflects the highest standards of the human resources profession.
  3. Not to use the organization for direct solicitation of business other than through member advertising in the weekly emails.

HRP-MN Diversity Statement

HRP-MN defines diversity as all the differences and similarities among us that affect how we live and work together including race, ethnicity, primary language, age, size, gender, gender identity, physical ability, sexual orientation, tenure, and spiritual belief.

HRP-MN is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that acknowledges and values the diverse talents and experiences of our members, guests, sponsors, vendors, and presenters who contribute to our organization. We strive to demonstrate this commitment by promoting awareness and understanding of diversity in our actions, communications, resources, and professional development programs.

We consider our focus on recognizing and appreciating the individuality of all our constituents to be an advantage in achieving our mission and goals. We understand that valuing diversity makes us a stronger organization of HR professionals. It helps us understand our workplaces and how we can do a better job of serving our employees, customers, and communities.

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