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For those of you not able to attend our June monthly luncheon on June 14th I wanted to personally reach out to share a hard decision that was made by the Board. After many brainstorming sessions, discussions and emotions, the Board recommended to the membership that based on reasons I will go into below, HRP-MN should disaffiliate as a SHRM Affiliate and non-profit organization. The information was provided to the membership base in attendance on June 14th, a vote was taken, a quorum was maintained and the decision achieved. HRP-MN will no longer be a SHRM Affiliate or a non-profit organization.

History of the decision.
The last year has been a hard year for membership and attendance for HRP-MN. We have seen our lowest numbers and have had to make hard decisions at the 11th hour to either continue with the event and risk a loss or cancel and disappoint our committed attendees, sponsors and speaker. In addition to the drop in membership and attendance, there is the continued discussion of HRP-MN and TCSHRM (FKA TCHRA) both serving the greater Twin Cities - many of you that I have spoken to have carried 2 memberships over the years, myself included. Lastly, our very important sponsors who we couldn’t survive without were not getting what they signed up for either.

It was due to these reasons that myself, the HRP-MN Board and Carrie Patton, TCSHRM President entered into discussions on how we could serve the greater twin cities area. It started off with ‘why do these two great organization serve the same metro area?’, then slowly turned into ‘could we provide a greater benefit to the HR population by joining forces?’. After many meetings, phone calls and emails, the HRP-MN Board and TCSHRM Board decided to move forward with serving the twin cities together in a new way. Details include but are not limited to: HRP-MN Board members will have the ability and are strongly encouraged to apply and fill applicable TCSHRM Board role openings. The TCSHRM programming committee is open to 2018 programing containing smaller, senior level in person meetings as an option – something that we feel HRP-MN did exceptionally well, in addition to their great program offerings. Also, TCSHRM has offered a promotion to the current HRP-MN members - FREE TCSHRM membership through 2017 (details below)!

In Summary, as the HRP-MN President, this decision tugged at my heart strings for months and was an extremely hard decision for myself and the rest of the HRP-MN Board members to reach. However, as I have come through the decision and am on the other side of it, I am filled with excitement for both membership bases. With the help from SHRM National, Minnesota SHRM and both the TCSHRM and HRP-MN Board members I am more confident than ever that we will be able to provide a better offering to the Twin Cities HR population and its sponsors than ever before!

So, logistics – If you would like to join TCSHRM for a Free membership for the remainder of 2017, please visit their website and register with the code: Welcome2TCSHRM! This promo will expire 12/1/17. A HUGE thank you to TCSHRM for accommodating this request. If you do not wish to join TCSHRM and would like a pro-rated refund for your HRP-MN membership, please email Christine indicating so by July 31, 2017.

Again, I am so excited to serve the twin cities with TCSHRM and deliver better content, events, education and networking that the Twin Cities has ever seen - I hope you join me!

I am happy to respond to any questions, comments or concerns you can reach me via email or 651-295-6247. The above is a high level summary of the many discussions that took place, I am happy to elaborate for anyone if needed. Additionally, feel free to contact Carrie Patton with any questions regarding TCSHRM.

But before I go, I must give a Shout Out! To the HRP-MN Board members that have put all of their time, dedication, passion and efforts to make HRP-MN the great organization so many have come to know and love – THANK YOU. Looking at the list of Board members and their years of commitment is impressive. And to Christine Strak for being an amazing administer that has kept us on top of everything! It has been my pleasure serving on this Board for so many reasons and I will cherish the friendships for a lifetime. And last, but not least, our members – THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and thank you for all of the support over the years.

Bianca Carr, VP of Programs, Past President - 3 years of Board service
Susie Dircks, VP of Finance - 3 years of Board service
Brandon Raaf, VP of Sponsorship, President-elect - 2 years of Board service
Karen Gureghian, VP of SHRM Foundation, Past President - 14 years of Board service
Brianna Durfee, VP of Marketing - 1 year of Board service
Judson Beeskau, VP of Membership - 2 years of Board service
Tracy Johnson, VP of SHRM Certification - 4 years of Board service

Thank you,

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